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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lil Bubba's Graduation

May is always a busy month. It seems like every year we always have Birthday parties, graduations, weddings and wedding showers to go to.  Today alone we had a Graduation this morning and a wedding shower tonight. And this past Friday night, my lil Bub graduated high school!!! I still cant believe he is 18 and leaving for college, and that 8 years ago, I was on the same stage graduating... time sure does fly by!!

This is the soon-to-be graduate giving the 3 woman in his life flowers during the ceremony.

Class of 2012.

Watching Graduation

Its official, they did it!

All the "kids"

The siblings.

Mom, Dad and their son.

Me and my favorite little bro!

All the girls with our flowers.

The whole crew!

My pretty flower in one of my painted blue mason jars next to my bed.

This was Joeys gift from us. I found the idea on Pinterest and thought it was a cute idea.  We also gave him a UT license plate.
GO VOLS!!!!! HA!

Joey had a Graduation/ Boot Camp send off party on Saturday. He leaves in just 2 weeks for Boot Camp after he graduates he goes to Combat Training and then finishes with his Marine Job training after that. Then he will be attending UT for the Spring semester. He is going to be a very busy young man and I am so proud of him but it will be so hard not to see him for that long.
 So say a prayer for him and our family especially this summer!


  1. What a happy day for your family! And you have a very good-looking family as well.