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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dining Room and Cake

I have been looking for the perfect spot to put my new black and cream hounds tooth pillows. Since a lot of my house is blues and browns, I don't know where to put them.

 So I tried them on 2 of the chairs on each side of my sideboard, what do you think? I think they might look a little odd but I cant make up my mind.

  I have been looking for something for the center of my dining room table for quite some time now.

When I spotted this vase, I thought it would be perfect, the problem was, it was $13 and there were only 2 of them where I needed 3. I loved the blue tint and the bubbles in the glass, but I really loved the texture of the Jute tied around, so this became my inspiration.  

I got some Jute and then purchased 3 tall skinny glass vases (which I had to run around all over town looking for, but ended up paying $5 a piece from TJ's and Home Goods)

Here is the final look! I love it, plus I can always add something (like a burlap flower or something) or take it off if I get tired of it.

I almost forgot that my Sis and I went Thrifting last week, I came home with an old Baptist Hymnal for $.50

and this cute lamp shade for $5. Its blue gingham, I love gingham, I just hope its not too country looking. Now I am on the hunt for a lamp base. My Sis got an old oar for $5!

I made my first Homemade chocolate cake for our small group dinner on Sunday night. I was at a Rehearsal dinner a few weeks ago and we had the most amazing chocolate cake. So, I asked for the recipe and she said it was super easy, to just follow the recipe on the back of the Hershey's Cocoa. YES!

You can get the recipe here. It is super easy and super moist, very yummy and highly recommended. Plus its homemade, what could be better?

I need to work on my blog design and have noticed sometimes it wont load. Any ideas? And I apologize about the poor picture quality, I need to get better at using my camera and not my phone for pictures!

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