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Monday, May 21, 2012

Small Group Bridal Shower

Meet the Bride and the Groom to be.... Joel and Briana.
Our small group had a bridal/couples BBQ shower for them last night.  We all chipped in and bought the beautiful couple their plates, goblets and dishes.

The colors were navy and orange and all the small group girls chipped in to help out with everything!

Aren't the flowers pretty? The Sunflowers were purchased but the hydrangeas were from a neighbors yard. Burlap was used for table cloths.

This is all of our small group girls (minus 2). These are some GREAT girls!

Loved the painted "B" on the fireplace (New last name)

The Happy couple getting married in just a few weeks!

I brought a juicy and very yummy watermelon and also made my first Fudge Pie.

Here is the recipe I used, it is extremely yummy and easy peasy and I will most definitely be making it again... everyone said it tasted kind of like a brownie.

And on another note....

I know I am way behind but we watched "The Vow" on Saturday night and I LOVED it. I had heard mixed things about it but I definitely recommend it. Of course, it is based on a true story, which is even better then the movie. So check is out if you love birds out there haven't seen it yet!

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