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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jackpot Shopping!

Today was a Jackpot kind of a shopping day! AKA,  I got some great finds!!

... wait for it....

...wait for it....


Hold up....Did y'all know they sell these cute vinyl letters at Hobby Lobby, for only $3 each?

But of course, I used a 40% off coupon so I scored big time! WOOP WOOP!

How perfect does it look on my new Target find tub?? (PS WalMart has the same shape tub for $10, but it has a neon green inside with a blue outside.. cute buy not what I was going for.... but just a heads up! I also saw a variety of colors at Ace for $19... so I am happy to be somewhere in the middle!)
It will look a lot like my inspiration, and for a whole lot less!

I am obsessed with my nautical knot!! Another Hobby Lobby find, 50% off for only $6.50!!!!!!!
I can't wait to find a place for him.

And now for my Thrifty Finds which was also VERY successful...

I got this hand-made, smocked little yellow romper for $1. Not sure who it will go to but it had to come home with me!

I got all of this, a pair of NB shoes in pretty good condition for only $6, a cute chipped plate for $.30, raffia for $.50 and y'all know I cant pass up a BRAND NEW pillar candle (not pictured) for $1!!!

$1 for this plate stand... it will get a black paint job

Also got this crate for $1.50, it will also get a white paint job.

And last but not least, I found a BRAND new (but very old) unused box of 12 mason jars with lids for $5.50. I couldn't pass it up and I feel like I will definitely get my money worth!

Ok, now more FASHION.... (I told you I hit the JACKPOT!!)
There is a jewelry/clothing boutique in town that has super cheap jewelry and I always try to go when I can...

How cute is this turquoise necklace for $2??

And I got the floral bracelet for $1 and paid $3 for the rest on the bangles so I can "stack" which is so in right now...

And.. I went back to Forever 21, you should definitely go there or at least visit their website here. Sometimes the store can be overwhelming and sometimes I have to search but they have really cute accessories for CHEAP! Even cheaper then Charming Charlie (which I don't really love.... except that everything is organized by color)

I fell in love with this chunky pearl necklace for $8!

And I got the same necklace from the other day in coral. (Just a tip, the same necklace in Charming Charlie was $14... uh NO... ha!)
I think I am set for a while when it comes to jewelry, but I cant wait to wear it all!

I am a little excited right now... can you tell?

Sharing my Thrifty Treasures here

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