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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Yard Work

Before I get on the "fun stuff" aka yard work, I wanted to get yalls opinion on something. I have been looking for some kind of print to put in my dining room or my powder bath for a long time now. I really like the fern prints and the ones with hydrangeas especially.

I was in Target today, they are renovating ours, (THANK GOD) and I think I have fallen in love with Target all over again. I bought 2 new cardigans and I stumbled on these prints.
 I love everything about them (except the butterfly and the bug on the other). They are $30 each. Hmm... what do yall think?

Moving Forward..
Last year Hubs ripped down the drywall in the basement because it was starting to get a lil damp. Since he didn't have any way to haul it off, it sat under our deck until a few days ago. Now that we have a truck, he decided to haul it off, so after 3 mice and 2 trips to the dump, here is what we were left with..

Not too pretty is it? We decided to get a truck load of mulch and cover it all....

Here it is, the the prettiest but it is better then what it looked like before.

We also added mulch to a tree in the back yard to make a bed out of it...



We will probably add some more plants later and possibly make it a little larger, but it looks MUCH better!

Like a good southern neighbor, I made a pie for a couple that lives down the road from us that just had a little baby girl. She is so tiny and precious, welcome to the world lil one!

Thats pretty much the latest. Thanks for everyones comments on my Living room!

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