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Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Favorite Stores!

I am sure that most of you have clued in on my favorite places to shop. TJ, Marshalls, Home Goods, Target, Hobby Lobby, Ross etc.... and the good news is, they get new stuff in all the time, I LOVE shopping in these stores, so I wanted to share some of my findings over the past few days.

First off, I am loving the color navy right now, especially for summer and I found 2 options of pillows to go on my couch. They are both RL down stripe pillows with buttons on the side but I need an opinion

First option. Don't worry, I bought 2 of each because I cant make up my mind...


Second option. These look a little more masculine to me.

Which ones do you think?

I found a lot of things I really liked, so I snapped some pictures. First stop, TJ's
$7 gray and blue distressed frames

$40 lantern, they had a bigger one for $50.

And now... Home Goods.... I saw the real boxwood topiaries and loved them all...

These 3

These huge balls, one was $50 and one was $100



And these are the ones that came home with me... both $20. Aren't they wonderful?

Then I also came home with 2 baskets!

This one is a little smaller and is more of a square shape for $17.

Pinned Image
And this one was $20. They have the same basket at Kirklands for $30... SCORE!


  1. I'm a new follower. Great stuff!!!

    1. Hey Kelly! Thanks for following, I love new friends!!!

  2. And why haven't I seen all your new stuff?!