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Saturday, June 30, 2012

HOT finds!

Yesterday here in Tennessee, we hit a record that we have never hit before. It was litteraly the hottest it as ever been in history! And gosh, was it HOT... and it is today as well!
I was on Pinterest and saw these... they made me laugh...

I did manage to get out in the heat to do some Thrifty shopping yesterday.
I went to an estate sale and a few thrift stores.

This was my first find.  I got this lamp for $5. You can see where the paint is chipping off,  I am working on getting all of the paint off, it is some kind of an old metal can. I cant wait to see what it is going to look like.

I got this pitcher for $1

some more mason jars...

brand new paper coasters in the holder for $1 for my sister.

$.50 each.

These are my estate sale finds. The sweet lady that passed away was actually a resident that lived at the Apartment Community I work for. She was a sweet heart, and I was sad to see her go.
It is always a little odd being at someones Estate Sale, especially if you knew them!

old measuring spoons $.25 plus a wine opener for $.25

This cutting board for $1.50. I thought about making it into a chalk board. Thoughts?

$.75 for all these sweet vintage ornaments.

I got this for my BIL, he collects old rackets.

And last but not least, This Tupperware cake holder (which I dont have one) for $5.

Yay for finding some cool stuff in all this HEAT!

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