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Monday, August 13, 2012

Christmas Deals (Already!?)

Southern Country Cookbook (Southern Living)

I was thrifting the other day and stumbled on this cook book....Flash back to 1975!  But come on, it's Southern Living, how can I go wrong?
And for $1.50 I knew I could not pass it up. I came home and did some research here to find out that it is a pretty good one to have, plus it is worth a lot more then I paid for it! YAY!

Christmas With Victoria 2003
 I got for book for  $1.50 as well. Found it here too. I love the recipes, gift ideas and decorating ideas for Christmas!

(stock photo)
Don't tell the Mr. but they also had their Christmas decor half off, so I also came home with 2 large fluffy evergreen wreaths and 2 strands of garland all for $7. I could not help myself, yall know I am a sucker for all things Christmas!

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  1. Girl...I'm a sucker for Christmas too. I can't wait to put it up in the house:)