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Friday, August 31, 2012

Necklace Knock Off

Typically I am not that into big jewelry. I usually keep it pretty simple BUT....while browsing Pinterst, I found some fabulous jewelry. But I am way too cheap to buy the "real" ones... and this girl doesn't have a problem with knock off's!

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I love this statement piece from Anthropologie but the BEST price I could find was $30 plus shipping... uh no thanks....BUT then I found a tutorial on pinterest to make one here. I was almost done making it tonight but cant seem to get the small gold beads on the strand... DANG IT! Guess I gotta go get some bigger ones.
I hope to share a picture of mine when I am done... don't worry! HA!
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And I absolutely love the chic "bubble necklace" that is everywhere. I found on on Ebay for CHEAP! Of course it is shipping from China so I am hoping it will be here before Thanksgiving! HA... jk but  for real, I cant wait to get it! So many possibilities with this one and this color! I really like the ivory one and the yellow and coral one as well. It was hard for me to decide... who knows. I may have to order another!
Big, colorful neckalces... I never would have thought I would be into those... guess I was wrong!!

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