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Monday, August 6, 2012

After The Wedding

I MISSED THE WORLDS LONGEST YARD SALE! You have no idea how upsetting that was! HA, I am kidding, a little.... then again, it seems like last year when I went, there were a lot of vendors.

this was part of my gift from Lynn (the bride), I am assuming her mom made it. Isn't it neat?

I love it.... one of a kind!

And my Momma gave me this cute bag for our anniversary.

I did manage to sneak in a thrift store the other day and got a few more plate hangers, as well as these 2 bowls to possibly hang somewhere.

I also got this frame too for $7. Tj's of course. I LOVE IT!

And I got 2 bundles of dried wheat, half off at Hob Lob for $3 per bunch.
If I were planning a fall wedding, you better believe I would use these as bouquets for my bride maids, just a thought.... HA!

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