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Friday, August 17, 2012

Phone Picture Dump

Time to dump all my phone pictures... HA!
This is what the past few days have looked like
I bought this pair of earrings, I thought 3 was a little much, so I took one off... much better right?
Don't you LOVE the color?

My Mom and I went walking for over an hour the other day downtown. It was a beautiful, sunny, warm afternoon!

And today for lunch, we had a surprise baby shower for a friend and coworker at one of our "sister properties"... the group picture didn't turn out unfortunately but here are a few pictures...

This is my cousin (well Calebs cousin) Holly, she works at my "sister property" down the road from us.

Here is the Mom-to-be all "surprised". Isnt she so cute?? They did not find out the gender, so we are all excited to find out next month!!

Here is the yummy Italian cream cake from Jackson's Bakery... YUMMY!!!

And this is my new co-worker Tiffany and I. Good times with some good folks!

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