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Monday, August 13, 2012

Burlap Wreath Tutorial

I love changing out my wreaths on my front door, don't you?
I bought this cute white H today for my front door. I got it for $25 % off too... Ya' ll know this girl loves a deal!

Our small group girls got together the other night for craft night and I made a burlap ruffle wreath for about $7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes maam, thats all it cost.... and look how stinkin cute it is...

All you need are 2 simple things:

Burlap: I got 2 (10 yard) rolls of this stuff and used quite a bit, about 18 yards. (about 12-18 yards depending on the size of your wreath)

and a WIRE wreath form. (I got mine from a yard sale for FREE, but they re super cheap at any craft store)
 Thats all you need! NO glue or anything!

All you do is: hold the burlap behind the wire wreath and pull it through the front, then pull another section through the middle and another through the top. It only takes a few minutes to do the whole wreath! PLUS no messy glue.
Then you can either hang it from some fun ribbon and change it out seasonally or add your initial or a pumpkin for fall etc.
I think it is my favorite wreath I have ever made! I found it on Pinterest here

On another note... I got my hair did today....
check it....

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