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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sick Day

Today I feel pretty yucky. My throat was hurting the night before last night and today I woke up all stuffy. Can we say sinus infection?? So its been a pretty low key kinda day. I did get a small burst of energy and got the bathrooms clean.
Then I made myself leave the house for a little bit but I didn't last long.
I decided to go thrifting and I was about to give up and at my LAST stop I came upon some goodies!
HUSH UP! Navy paisley pillows. $2 for the small rectangle one and $2.50 for the square ones... $7 for 3 pillows... heck yes!
Plus, they're down and the covers come off so I can wash them.

Then... I saw this bag for $13 with the TJ Maxx tag still on it! Score!
When I got home I had a surprise waiting on me...

My May book! I changed my design last minute to make it more fun... what do you think?

Look at my pillows on the couch!
And I can always use them on the bed later.
Now its time to rest up... I am so stuffy and have a sinus headache.... no fun! I am so glad I had the day off!

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