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Monday, August 15, 2011

Beach Finds

I am back from the beach. Gosh, I am going to miss it until next year.... tear. But we had a great time and stayed in a great place in Santa Rosa, Florida called Gulf Place.

Its a perfect location,  right across the street from the ocean and very close to Destin. They have shops and restaurants on the bottom and condos above.

I convinced the Hubs to take me to a few stores on our Anniversary Vacation.We took a trip to the Destin Outlets and I got a shirt from Banana Republic and 2 tops from The Loft...success!

We also stopped at the Goodwill, it was a big fat fail... when we were leaving to come back home on Saturday, my wonderful Husband let me go to 2 more local stores, Scavengers and Kathleens Kottage. Great stores to stop at if your ever in the area...
I fell in love with this guy, and it was only $15.

I bought one of these for $6. Again, great texture. I love the fact that you almost cant even tell its made from shells. The sweet owner of the store gave me the second one for free because there were a few shells missing from the bottom but I didn't mind, it will be sitting on a shelf anyway.

These were only $1 each. I love them

So, now I am thinking that I may use all my new finds in the guest room. I haven't quite made up my mind though.

I love 30A. Is this not the cutest sticker? Plus it matches one of my new shirts in the picture below

YAY for summer vacations. See you next year beach!

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