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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Leaves are Changing

The trees in my backyard are telling me that fall is on its way, the leaves are already changing!I have mixed feelings because I LOVE summer. However, I really enjoy all four seasons and the change that comes with them.

I got my Southern Living in the mail. It too is reminding me that fall is on its way... what says fall more then apple recipes?

YUM... Cinnamon Cider from Aromatique. I am looking forward to the smells of fall and putting out all of my fall stuff!

On a different note....

I got this card in the mail. This month we have been at our house 1 YEAR. WOW!! I can't believe it, and mostly I can't believe my house is still not all put together. HA... one day! Its a work in progress.

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