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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The N Word

Ahhh the power of Negotiation. I had the day off and was on the prowl. I went to 4 new thrift stores and a yard sale (yes, odd on a Thursday isn't it?). I was quite the negotiator today.
Here's what I picked up at mt first stope, the yard sale.

2 basket fulls for... drum roll please... $5. Yes yes, for all of it... here are a few more pictures.

I love the one with the lid, don't you?

I got 3 of these... I thought they would be cute to use as canisters on a kitchen counter

Such a cute little bottle

loved this lil guy too...

5 of these

AND this neat chipped metal basket. I also got 8 matching milk glasses. I couldn't believe it! YAY!

The next stop was Salvation Army. Remember how I have been looking for a lantern like fixture for my dining room? Well....

Here we go. The tag said $20. I asked for a discount and the guy said he could do $15.... I asked if he could do $13, SOLD! $13!
Spray it black and we're in business!

Another Thrift Store. This find made me SO happy!
An old window. Asking price $20, I got is for $12. SWEET!

I came home and got right to painting....

HAHA! This is my lantern hanging from a tree branch... oh my.....

Of course, I had to stop and get some flowers to use some of my new finds

Such a nice treat. What a wonderful day off! And well worth the $33

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  1. Great finds. I would have bought all of them, too.

  2. That chipped metal basket caught my eye. Nice finds.

  3. Love the wire basket. I've been looking for one of them, too.

  4. I really enjoy stopping by blogs such as yours to see what great thrift shop finds you've discovered.
    You're an inspiration!