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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


My friend gave me a call and told me she had a table that needed a makeover and gave it to me for FREE...It doesn't get much better then  $free.99

I think it will be really cute all shabby-chic-ed up, don't you? Its going to get a makeover very soon!

Also, while at the beach, we visited a contractor friend who was building a house for this guy...

Chris Tomlin. In my opinion, the best worship leader and song writer. I love love love every song and have even had the pleasure of seeing him at a Passion Conference.

So, anyways, we got to to into his new beach house. Its gonna be perfect. An older home right on the beach that is being renovated. The view is amazing, that is why he bought it. I didn't take any pictures but the whole house is white! LOVE!

A whole lot of wood planks on the wall... oh yea, cant help but love it. There were a few things left over from the previous owner and I snapped this beauty up

Ha. Not exactly beautiful but... I hope it will be. I plan on painting it... drum roll please... white... with possibly some twine or maybe a burlap shade. So, now I have lamp from Chris Tomlins house... well sorta. HA!

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