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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Early Bird

I am totally jumping way ahead of myself but I just cant help it. There is Christmas stuff everywhere I look and I am so excited. Plus, it is quite cold here in the evenings and in the morning, so needless to say, I have Christmas on my mind! On top of all that, I got my new Ballards magazine and I was so giddy to see Christmas stuff. Plus, I totally have a Christmas theme now....I cant even wait, I can't control myself.... BURLAP! ooooooo yes.....with greenery (boxwood, evergreen and maybe magnolias) with white accents. Be prepared for a lot of pictures
Is this not wonderful? This is what all of my gifts will look like on a burlap tree skirt

From Ballards- wrapping paper

from Ballards- burlap ribbon

Boxwood wreaths on the back of the chairs.

Love the boxwood garland... they used to sell this at Hobby Lobby but not anymore... dang it. If I EVER see it I am buying them out!

How cute are these?

adorable burlap pillow

burlap ribbon on an evergreen wreath

uh... hello! How stinkin cute... from Southern Living.

Another great idea.... definitely doing this!

This might be my favorite, also from Ballards, love the old grain sack inspired stockings.

I spotted these in the catalog too... what a cute gift!

Love this look too....

See what I mean? So much fun! Maybe I need to get to work.....

And I am in love with this also. A burlap table runner with a ruffle on the end... its a must have and its so cheap and easy! (cute for Fall as well....)

And last but not least, I had to take this picture with my phone (crappy I know) BUT, I love the front door and the way it is decorated.

Was that not ridiculous? I am so excited. Its pretty stinkin crazy that I am already planning christmas. I have already been looking at Christmas cards... I dont't think yall quite get it... I REALLY love Christmas, 81 days!

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  1. Please please send your lonely and beautiful Christmas items to Momma!!