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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Some Good Fall Finds

The weather has  been gorgeous the past few days. I am loving this breezy but warm fall weather. It makes me so happy to drive with the windows down and see all of the colorful leaves on the trees.

I went to 1 thrift store the other day and 3 today... this is all I came home with.

I got this little box that has 16 matching note cards and envelopes (minus the "bling" ha...) It had a TJMaxx price tag and wasn't missing anything for $5. I got it for $1. Not too shabby. I gave it as a little gifty to a wonderful, special friend!

I also got a box of glass ornaments for $1. I thin one was broken but not a bad price. I need to get a move-on on some of these Christmas projects.... I am so excited!

Maybe something like this? Yes, I think so...

I got this pot as well, for $.50 Which I am sure I will paint white.. ha!

This I love! Its a dried hydrangea petal wreath. I got it for $1. I think it will be pretty with a brown bow, maybe for fall or spring!

I picked up this ugly pillow because the insert is down feathers and very nice and clean for $4.

I really want a "sweater pillow" so I decided I would TRY to make one (we will see how that does)...

So, I got this mans sweater vest for $2. I want to add some buttons as well...I figure if it doesn't work out, I only lost $2 and got a really nice pillow insert at least.

I got this awesome chippy blue picture frame to add some color on my bathroom counter top. It was $8. Not really a steal or anything but I really liked the color and the chippy-ness of it, don't you?

I can't believe we are halfway through October! Yikes!

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