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Monday, October 24, 2011

Well Owl Be Darned

 We went to a local store that buys and sells books, movies and CD's and such. It was filled with some, hmmm... interesting folks. Anyways, they have a few bins outside that people can put free books in. Well, I figured I would look and possible find some old sheet music.
And, to my surprise, I found exactly what I was looking for! I could not believe it and I was so excited. Is the perfect "aged" look, brown and torn... perfect for my Christmas ornament project. I can not wait to start it!

I also found 2 owls, I have been on the prowl for quite a few weeks.... Here they are....

Look how furry he is! He's cute is he not? I haven't names him yet and sometimes when I glace at my window sill I think I see a furry rodent, HA, he has scared me a few times... but I will get used to it. He's cute! $5 at Ace Hardware... which BTW, they have a lot of their Christmas stuff out and quite a few Christmas trees that I am loving, including burlap ribbon in natural and red... yes please! The have a Christmas open house coming up and I plan on attending for sure!

This is my other owl friend. He is brown glass. I got his at TJ Maxx for $5. I thought he was pretty cute too.

While I was at TJ Maxx I also picked up some more of my Christmas dishes. Last year I got a set of 12 dessert plates and 12 mugs but NO dinner plates. Unfortunately, they only had 3 but I am sure I will find more.
I really like the traditional transferware look. I was a little hesitant at first because the dishes are a pinky-red. But they really grew on me. Plus the dinner plates were only $4 a piece.

I'm a sucker for all things Christmas. I can't believe we only have one more week until November! Crazy!

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