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Monday, November 7, 2011

Busy Weekend

Wow. What a crazy, busy but fun weekend! The weather was beautiful and we had a lot to celebrate!

 Saturday night we celebrated one of our cousins birthdays by watching the game and eating appetizers and spritzers! Yumm....

Then came Sunday... DLST really screwed with my head.... HA!

We had our first service in the renovated Sanctuary. It was awesome!

Then we celebrated my little Brothers ( Joey, aka Bub) 18th Birthday at his favorite restaurant. I then went straight to on my my very best friends Lingerie Shower who is getting married in the spring. And the day ended at my SIL house who is starting a new small group. Very exciting day, I loved every second of it but dang did I sleep well last night! HA!

Unfortunately, in all the madness yesterday, I didn't have time to go to Ace Hardwares Christmas open house. I was looking forward to it all week and everything was 20% off. However, I got an email that this Saturday, they have friends and family day and everything is 20% off! God is in the little things and I am so excited! They have the best and cutest Christmas stuff!

I did stop at Ace on Friday before work

I got these adorable pumpkins for $4 each, they were 70% off and I thought they were cute (even though I could easily make them myself)
I like the way they look in the kitchen over my hutch!

I was also able to stop at (My very First) Goodwill 1/2 off sale. They have them the first Saturday of each month. Of course, it was packed. I got there at 9 and had to be at work at 10. So I hurried through and didn't see much of anything but I spotted a table.

I took the picture with my phone but after a makeover it will be perfect! It was only $5. I actually bought it for my sister, she was looking for a table and this one is Mahogany! Score!

I was also given 2 flats of Pansies.... FOR FREE! They had too many at work so we each got to take some home with us! I need to plant them soon!

I have never planted them before so we will see how I do with them!

In other news.... Christmas is just around the corner, and our neighbors agree! (I had to snap a picture with my phone).
So...... Festive. HA!


  1. Love the way those pumpkins look on either side of "faith!"

  2. Hey...where are MY pansies!? PLEASE!