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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Deal Of The Century!

I am so excited. You will not believe the deal I found today at the thrift store. I found a few other things today, I will share later.  I was so excited about my one wonderful find, I had to share right away! 

Have you ever heard of a shark stream cleaner? Well, they are amazing and steam your floors with water. My MIL has one and I have used it several times on my wood floors and in the bathrooms. They are amazing but quite expensive.
Well, I spotted one in the thrift store with 3 unopened pads. It was marked....... get this....$3 "as is", when I asked a lady what that meant she said that they had no way of testing if the steam worked but that when it was plugged in the light came on. Hmmm.... Ok $3? I cant even go to Starbucks for that. So I bought it.... Took it home, opened up the pads, plugged it in... oh it works! SCORE!!!!! So excited. I went to the website. Retails for $80 plus the pads retail for $30. And I got it all for $3!!!!!! HOLLA!! Just goes to show you, you never know what you will find!

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