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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I can't believe that Halloween has come and gone and today is November 1st. We made about 45 treat bags at work for trick-or-treaters. We has about 5 show up... guess that means more candy for me! I was at work until 7 and when I got home the Mr. looked like he had boarded our house up. HA! All the lights were off and the blinds closed. We have a HUGE neighborhood so needless to say we have a lot of trick-or-treaters. We spent a lot of money on candy last year and this year decided, especially because I was working, that we would take our candy money and go out to eat. I do love seeing all the lil ones dressed up, maybe next year. 

So I celebrated Halloween watching this classic
I am not into the scary Halloween stuff at all but I have to watch this movie every year, and listen to Michael Jackson "Thriller" and a few other classics "Ghostbusters" and "The Monster Mash"

Then we went to one of my favorite places for dinner!

It is so yummy! We had a great time.

I also won some more things at work yesterday! A paid day off and.....

$35 Target Gift Card, and....

$15 Starbucks Gift Card. I am on a roll, sure hope that continues!
Needless to say, a very good Halloween!

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