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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Gifts

We really did have a wonderful Christmas!
I still get so excited and cant sleep on Christmas Eve!
I told you about my tickets I got from my hubs... here are a few more things I got this year....
I got a new stainless steel Calphalon pot from my Aunt, which I picked out and cant wait to try. We have been using non-stick and I need some stainless steel pieces.
My parents gave us money for a new vacuum cleaner... we REALLY need one. Any suggestions on which one to buy?

LOVE this pillow!

LOVE this pillow too... its burlapy!

A very dear friend gave me such a nice gift and the funny thing is, it all went together...

The gold pair of pearl earrings, LOVE them!

This wonderful movie, PLUS an apron with my inital on it, a cook book and tissues with my initial on it!

And another big gift we got....

All 10 of us on my husbands side of the family are going on a cruise to the Bahamas... bring on the warm sunny weather!

What a wonderful and blessed Christmas we had!

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