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Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Tour

Welcome to our Chritmasy home...
All lit up and so festive.

Don't you love that fluffy garland?

Daytime view (oops... cord...ha!)

A wreath on each window
(purchased 9 of these 30" babies last year for each window 75% off at WalMart $2.50 each)

I love our little Santa near our front porch

Our mailbox and Christmas flag

Now, come on inside and grab some cider and smell the cinnamon... ha.. que this Christmas music...

Dining Room table

Dining room tree. I am thinking next year I want a tall skinny one and use this one for Christmas cards.

The ornaments I made from the old music sheets. I LOVE these!

Sign by the front door

I hung a cranberry wreath on the window near the tree and one on the back door

Our tree.. (cords again...ha... oops)

Cozy chair near the tree

stockings on the mantle

The garland is so fat I could not fit anything else on the mantle. It looks better in person. My mantle never photographs well... ha. I have lanterns with red ornaments on the hearth, however, at this time, they have been borrowed for a party. HA or I would have a picture of them.

Christmas plates in the kitchen corner

Window above the sink

towel and rug

Coffee bar

I used a plate and put the napkins on top

our kitchen table

LOVE this sign

above the china cabinet in the kitchen. I got the topiary last year for $6 and the lanterns are filled with vintage glass ornaments

powder bath. There is also a small tree on the floor.

love the soap dispenser

Isn't this pillow so cute?

That's pretty much it! Hope you enjoyed it!

PS-I know I wanted to do a burlap theme this year but time ran out and I had some trouble finding ornaments and such. I am thinking for sure next year. I have already made a few purchases and want to make some things for next year. Time got away from me this year, where did this year go?

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  1. Such cute decor. I like the colors you used throughout the house. My favorite is the lantern on the table with the red ornaments.