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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Did I Mention I LOVE Christmas?

The Hubs and I spent New Years Day taking down all of our Christmas stuff and organizing and packing it away until next year. I did go a little nuts with the after Christmas sales this year. It looks like I have enough Christmas decor to last my entire life time.
Next year I plan on having 2 Christmas trees. We might even get a real tree for the living room. The living room will be a natural tree with gold, white, a touch of red and burlap, plaid etc...
the 2nd tree will be the fun sparkle tree with red, white and lime green! I cant wait!

I am going to share what I got, beware... there are a lot of pictures!
Michaels- I got 6 small baby wreaths for $1.99 to go on the back of my dining room chairs next year.

Gift Shop-I got this super cute chip and dip platter

Got this from the Thrift store for $.25

TJ's- 1/2 off- I got 2 of these glass white pine cone ornaments for $3.

Gift Shop- another cute platter

Gift Shop- Christmas plate

Trees and Trends- cute ornament 80 % off... $2

Trees and Trends- also 80% off $2.

Trees and Trends- 80% off-I got 2 of these music sheet paper Christmas tree

Trees and Trends- 80% off- Got this really natural looking wreath for $12 with garland to match for $6!!! Plus a few other pieces of garland for $6!Dining room maybe?

Target- 1/2 off-got 3 of these for $1.

Target- 1/2 off-loved this tissue paper to go with my natural tree

Target-1/2 off-I got one of each of these cute bird houses for my natural tree

Target- 1/2 off-vintage looking ornaments. 3 of each... they re plastic so they wont break!

Kirklands- 70% off-I love these for my fun tree! $2 each, they re HUGE, I got 3

Ace- 1/2 off ok.. 1 more platter... now I am DONE! HA

Frame... I loved it. 1/2 off at Ace (last one)

Ace- natural ornaments

Ace- plaid ornaments

Ace- new ribbon plaid for my natural tree and plaid for my fun tree...

Trees and Trends- got 2 of these fun ones

Trees and Trends- for my natural tree

Trees and Trends- large pine cones

Trees and Trends-more plaid for my natural tree

Trees and Trends- $3. for either tree

Trees and Trends-for my fun tree- $3 for all 3

I also got... drum roll please.... a PINK 3-1/2 foot lite Christmas tree for $4 at WalMart. Plus I got some cute plaid napkins for $.50 and some candles. All 1/2 off of course

I also got at BB&B a few Yankee candles all 1/2 off!

Not too bad huh? Only 11 months til next year! HA!

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