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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13 was a lucky day for me, HA... it was my 26th Birthday!

The night before, the Hubs and I celebrated since he had to work on my actual Birthday
He bought me 2 bouquets of my favorite flowers and a new big fluffy robe from Victorias Secret. "Its so fluffy I'm gonna die." Then we headed out to eat at one of favorites, Carrabbas
This is my absolute favorite dish, Spedino De Mare... best thing I have ever put in my mouth. We also got the fried zucchini and I had some sangria to celebrate. YUM! Then we went next door to Marshalls because after all that eating, I felt like I needed to purchase some workout pants... HA.... which I did!

The next day was my Birthday and I worked a short day. My coworkers were so sweet!
They gave me a big, fat, Andes cupcake (YUM)
And balloons! I felt so special! Plus we all went to out to eat for lunch and they gave me a gift card to Panera and one to TJ Maxx... they know me too well!

Saturday, my Mom, Sis and I headed to Atlanta for a girls trip!
Another favorite of mine. We ate lunch here....

My Birthday dessert
Such yummy family style Italian food... what could be better?
More Birthday dessert...

We went to several stores in the area and had a great time browsing....

I had never been here before and I told my Mom, I thought this was what heaven looked like. They have a container for everything and so many options for organization. I got so many ideas and now I am ready to organize even more at my house. I LOVED this place!

This was my first trip to Ikea... I have to say, I was not as much of a fan as I thought I would be. I enjoyed going and looking but all I could think was... this is like an amusement park for adults and that I could only imagine how terrible inventory would be at this place! HA. We all came out empty handed and shocked at the HUGEness of the store.... wow!

We had to stop and browse Pottery Barn, and we also went to Ballards, I love both places, just my style!

Our last stop was the Outlet Mall a little closer to home. We only had 1 hour left til they closed and I think we went to 5 stores, now that is what I call power shopping! No one had purchased anything all day until we hit these stores.. I racked up at Bath and Body!

What a great Birthday! I enjoyed every last second of it!

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