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Thursday, January 12, 2012

January Cruise to The Bahamas

Our crew boarding the ship!
We just got back after a full day of driving on Monday night, just in time for the big game... (which was boring as crap)
We left Thursday after work and drove half way to Orlando and spent the night in Valdosta GA at a lovely hotel... ha.... then we got up early the next morning to drive to Port Canaveral to board our ship.

Here are just a few pictures to make you a tad jealous and ready for summer.... 
This was our view on Saturday morning in the Bahamas.. not too shabby eh?

Our boat docked in the Bahamas

Bahama sunset

Dinner on the boat

Our picture they took... which I illegally took a picture of and did not purchase... HA
Our towel animal on our bed when we got back, I think its a Walrus?

 The boys after dinner

Sunday we got to go to Coco Cay, an island near the Bahamas that is owned by Royal Caribbean.... the weather was PERFECT!!!
That is our boat on the left


It was so nice getting a taste of the beach in January and the weather was absolutely perfect!

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