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Friday, June 3, 2011

Sorta Cheating the System (But Not Really)

So, as you probably know, or at least I hope you know, Vistaprint has free stuff. My mom was placing an order and asked if I wanted anything. So I got my creativeness on. The thing is, with the free stuff, you cant change the font or size or layout at allHere is what I came up with (and she even copied me on one... ha).
This is actually an invitation but I took out all the words and instead of where the title would be, I put my name to use as stationary. PERFECT! I love stationary, its one of my obsessions!

Then, I made gift tags, I got 250 of these for free! And I can still write a message on the bottom so, no card needed. Just pop that sucker on top of a gift and they know who its from. Wonderful!

These little beauties are from Snapfish. When you are a member, every once and a while they send you free stuff. I got a free set of address labels and chose these. Aren't they cute? All I had to do was pay $1something for shipping. I cant wait to get them.

So, yea, I cheated the system.... sorta, not really.... HA! Either way, free and I love them all!

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