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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Some Random Stuff....

I found this picture (somewhere... oops) the other day and I am loving all the green! Is that not the best looking front door you've ever seen? How can I pull this off... hmmm....

And speaking of green....
I got this lil topiary for $1 at the thrift store the other day. You cant pass up a topiary!
I also have a new piece that I keep meaning to share.
I haven't finished decorating it, so don't judge! HA! It was given to me... for FREE! I think I am going to paint it but still haven't decided what color... I really wanna do a creamy white gray color... What do you think?

Also, I made a new dessert the other day and found it here...
it was a big hit

1 comment:

  1. What a great table and hutch.
    I think I might paint the legs a slightly different shade than the top and either match them with the interior of the hutch, so lighter than the majority of the piece, or paint the interior of the hutch a contrasting color. It depends upon your bravery with color and the rest of the room.
    And you need great hardware for the drawers up top!