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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Shop Til Ya Drop.....

I have been at it again. I just can't help myself sometimes.

I must tell you, first of all, the pictures on this post are not great, I was snapping pictures in terrible lighting and trying to get it done quickly, so for that I do apologize.

A friend of mine and I took a trip a few miles up the road to go to Trees and Trends. It was a little bit of a bust. I found a lot of things I liked but I felt like their prices were pretty high and of course nothing I liked was on sale or had a coupon. We also stopped at the Goodwill up there and it was also a bust... DANG IT! I did get this one ball....
It's a good gray color and not a bad price at $5.

I used a coupon at Jo-Ann and got this lil beauty....
It was not cheap $15. I really wanted 2 of them but only had one 40% off coupon. I think one on top of each other would look good, so I may have to go back and get another one.

I then went to Michaels and got a few more goodies....
Aren't these cute and summery? $1 for a pack of them

I got this lil bird house for $1. I thought it would be cute painted and put on top of a few books on my newly decorated shelves.

I got another moss ball. It was on sale for $3.50. I just love a green moss ball to add color.

Then, I spotted these, also on sale for $3.50. They are so cute, I had to get them.

I started on my bookshelves, but did not get too far along, it's quite a mess at the moment.

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  1. Hubby and I did the shop til you drop yesterday. You're better than I at posting. I haven't even unpacked it all yet. When he asked me why I hadn't, I told him I couldn't unpack until I was ready to take pictures of it all. Enjoy all your new goodies.