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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Snail Mail

My Husband always makes so much fun of me because everyday I run to the mailbox. I just cant help myself. It is one of life's little pleasures, notes from friends, invitations, announcements, packages of things I have ordered, (Christmas cards... only 7 months away!) and my most favorite magazines!

This is my new one I just ordered for free with all my coke points! If you drink any coke products, its a good opportunity to get free stuff, especially magazines. I am a diet coke kinda girl so I rack up on the points. I am excited to get my first issue!

My most favorite magazine. I love all the photos, designs, columns and recipes.

Also a good one I got for free with my coke points. I also like to give magazine subscriptions as gifts, especially if I have coke points. Who wouldn't like a gift every month in your mailbox? If you don't get any of these you really should get on that!

Nothing like sitting by the pool (or better yet, the beach) eating a cold slice of watermelon with a magazine! I just picked one up the other day. I can't wait to eat some summer deliciousness!

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