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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hump Day is Here!

I got a new wreath a few weeks ago, its feathers and so much fun! Its small, I think it was $6 at Michaels. I got it to go in the picture frame above my guest bedroom. I can't wait to hang it up and see how it looks

I love this moss wreath on the old window pane hanging in the living room.

I got another star! I love the way 2 of them look together. Its in the hallway near by kitchen right next to my powder bathroom. (On a side note, I am not quite sure why my wall color looks all crazy...)

I am so excited and proud of myself! Apparently I can grow SOME green stuff! HA...

My fern next to my door is SO big... hard to tell here but it is taking over the front porch, which is OK with me!

Can you see how big it is? And don't you love my forsythia wreath? I am not a fan of my front door... I really would love a new one!

Fern number 2 on my front porch between my 2 rocking chairs. I love it and the lantern below it!

My summer garden flag... so colorful and fun!

I love lambs ear, even though it gets a little crazy! It has grown so well. I got it from my Mommas yard and was not sure how it would do but here it is... lookin good!

YAY! My Hosta, also transplanted from my Mommas yard are doing great!

I love this... afternoon summer sun on the front porch.

Happy Hump day!

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  1. Lovely flowers. I moved some hostas in my yard to protect them from the murderous deer. They're doing well, too.