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Friday, May 6, 2011

House Projects....

When we moved in our house last August our house needed some love. It sat empty for months, in the hot summer heat.... we had to live with that smell for quite a while. Ha!
Here is what we have done so far
1. Paint front door and all shutters
2. Stain both decks
3. Paint railing on both decks
4. Put in 2 flower beds
5. Fix exposed wood around basement door (I am not too thrilled with what it looks like, but its waterproof and HECK, its the basement)
6. Fix mold in basement, in other words, rip down all unfinished drywall
7. Paint ALL of interior walls (haven't done trim yet but it needs it... apparently the previous owner had a dog that likes to eat baseboards and bottom of doors)
8. Install a few new light fixtures

We still have a lot more to work on, mostly little things. Oh and the fact that we haven't used our toilet in our master bedroom for about 4 months because its leaking, and it looks like it came from a spaceship. AND our over the range micro-wave stopped working so we have one hidden. How ghetto are we? It will all get fixed in due time... HOWEVER..... I could not live with this ANY longer!

This is what we call... "The Hunter Room". Hunter, you are not my friend. At least he took the time to take a red sharpie to the outside of the door that says "Keep Out" yea, lovely. Its like the Twilight Zone... and its some sort of combination of paint, wallpaper, sticker thing. Someone kill me. It started to come off so easily, I guess because the house sat in the heat so long. Then it would only come off in little tiny pieces and the only thing that worked was heat. I finally gave up and started to think of an alternative.
I really love the idea of bead board or board and batten. Yea, who doesn't? Well with that crazy ceiling and having to cover the walls top to bottom, it wasn't an option.
Solution: Bead board Wallpaper. Yes, wallpaper that LOOKS like the real thing, a lot easier and a lot cheaper! I have seen it being used all over blog land! On kitchen cabinets, walls, ceilings, furniture... oh the possibilities are endless!

Did I EVER think that I would buy wallpaper? Uh, no. Been there, put it up, taken it done. Worked at a wallpaper store. I always said NEVER again. Well Ive done it, but with good reason. It wasn't necessarily cheap  but well worth it.
My mom and I just spent the past 4 hours putting it up.... we got ONE, yes one, wall done! Dang it, why does it have to take so dang long???
Did I mention I also love it on ceilings? Just an idea... hmm, where could I do that in my house? Maybe my Powder room? ok ok,.... that's another project.
Anyways, here's the plan. The good news it, its paintable....

No people, not a nursery yet... but I am planning on putting up a chair rail about 4' from the baseboards. A little higher then normal but I have tall ceilings in there. I am planning on painting (most likely) the bottom half, like the picture, a beige. And leave the top white. Or vice-versa but I am pretty sure I like the looks of the picture above....decisions...
Pictures to come... it might take a few weeks and sit empty for a while but at least then I can leave the door open....

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