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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Apparently May is the Month!

 Its raining babies!

I got to spend a lot of it watching a friends baby, Lila. She is so cute, I just wanna squeeze her all the time. Then, we had 2 babies enter the family this week. Both boys and a day apart, Jack born on Monday and Carson born on Wednesday. So we spent a lot of time visiting the hospitals in town. I also cooked dinner for some more friends of ours that had a little girl a few weeks ago, Carter, she is adorable. I made lasagna, so lets hope it was yummy! Here is the recipe I used, very simple and very good!
Guess I have a lot more meals to make. I need some good ideas. We still have another friends having a baby this month! (I knew of 6 people having babies in the month of May)

I had an interview yesterday and got a job. It s leasing agent job and although I still have some questions, it looks like I will start next week! Yay!

Then, I also took my sisters bridal portraits. They turned out better then I could have imagined. I was so excited about them that I stayed up til 2am working on them and had to get up at 7! I wish I could share them but, of course not until after the wedding, which is only 2 weeks away! YIKES... I still cant believe she is getting married. Oh and did I mention that I get to help them more tomorrow? At least they are staying in town close to family!
This is the aisle she will be walking down. Gorgeous!

Mom came over tonight and we finally finished the wallpaper project! I am so excited and although it is not done, it is progress for sure, and much better then what it was. Pictures soon... when it is light outside! ha
Here are some pictures in progress.... BIG CHANGE!
Yes... this is what I was dealing with before... I couldn't take it ANY longer!

4 hours later.... one wall done!

This is what our feet looked like... its a messy situation with all that paste! Ha, had to take a picture.

I know, I know, a southern girl and I have never actually fried chicken until this week. I have made oven fried chicken but never did the oil with the skillet and all that... well I must say I was proud of my first batch. A tad greasy but... just call me Paula Dean. Yum. That looks really good right about now. You know its time to go to bed when you start getting hungry. Ha!

We also took my chair to give it a new happy life. i cant wait to get it back. It is going to be so light and refreshing... kind of like my beadboard room! Yippee! Then we watched "Little Fockers" and it was pretty good, definetly worth a $1 at Red Box. What a smart person who invented that...

Sarahs Summer House comes on again tomorrow! So excited. It is also cleaning day at my house... not so fun but HAS to be done.

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