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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

I just went to the store and I must say that it is not my favorite thing to do. But I do love a nice stocked kitchen. I made a big salad to take to work for the week. I am loving the summer produce, so yummy.

I also cut up strawberries and bluberries and ate them for dinner. They were so good and so colorful. It is one of my favorite summer time snacks, and watermelon of course. It makes me feel so patriotic! HA!

Publix had Mayfield ice cream on sale. The Mr. loves their Cookies and Cream. I just had to get me some of this chocolate goodness.... Oh my gosh, if you have not tried it, RUN to the store. Its delish!

On another note, I got my new and improved chair back yesterday. I was so excited and I think it turned out great. We put it in our bedroom and did some rearranging of furnitre last night.
Is it not wonderful? Love it and it is so comfy!
I also changed my flag outside. I bought this flag probably 2 years ago and never had a flagpole to put it on. My poor American Flag had a rip in it, so it had to come down. I have to get one before July 4. This one works for now and I really like it.

I bought this today for $6. I am a big fan of any galvanized containers. I figured it would be great for flowers or even a wine cooler. I have wanted one for a while.

I bought a can of cream spray paint and I just got done spraying all these frames. I have a ton of black frames so I figured I would paint them and distress them while using my new frames as inspiration. We will see how they turn out!

I am a huge fan of antiques and I especially love a good antique sign. Here are a few of mine that I have found here and there.

This one is in my Dining Room. It says Antiques.
Found this one last summer for $2 at "The Worlds Longest Yardsale" I just had to have it.

This one I ordered from Ebay. Its not Antique but I love the look of it and the colors. It hangs above my kitchen sink window.

Oh, and BTW, tomorrow starts The Bachelorette! YESSSSS!
We will see how she does!


  1. Looking good - love reading it all!

  2. HI! I just found your blog as I was searching the web and I had to tell you that I am so jealous of that Sweet Tea sign! I would love to have that :-) I also have a blog with a southern them and sweet tea in the name! www.SweetTeainTN.com

    I am going to follow you via google friend connect.