Sweet Tea and Southern Living

Monday, May 30, 2011

Some Thrifty Finds

Even though this past weekend was a crazy one with my sisters wedding, I managed to find a few things this past week.

I found this little beauty at a store here in town for $22. Not too bad considering it was exactly what I was needing and fit perfectly.

I found this on Craigslist for $7. I plan on repainting it and possibly trying to sell it.

And last but not least...when I was looking at the table from Craigslist, I saw that she had 3 of these chairs. I asked her how much for one... got it for $7 also. I thought it would be the perfect desk chair once its redone (not that I need one...) HA. Might try to fix this up too and sell it. Who knows!

Happy Memorial Day weekend! The pools are open and its officially summer time in the South!


  1. great finds! Especially the chair, I am the same way, I can not resist buying more chairs, even if I don't need them :)

  2. Your first table is pretty cool looking. Looks great between the chairs. And I am unable to pass up a chair. Any chair. I have a ton of them. Maybe I need to start reselling them also.