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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sarahs House

Can I just tell you what my all time favorite TV show is? Sarah's House on HGTV. I can never wait to see a new episode. And today was the beginning of a new show Sarah's Summer House. It was incredible. Her summer cottage is on its own island in the middle of who knows where. RIDICULOUS! And did I  also mention that she screwed up and ordered the wrong CUSTOM windows... no worries, just order more. Talk about a loss of some cash money! Ha.... shes pretty well off though so I am sure it was no biggie. Anyways, she added on a living room using my favorite color combos... blues... It is amazing how well she puts things together. Things that I would never think of. She is such a talented designer and the only one on TV (other than Candice Olsen), in my opinion, that knows what she is doing and everything she does looks so incredible. I mean look at this....

Not loving the blue animal print but still... somehow she makes it work

I would never think to do these ottomans... I may have to steal that idea....and she did it in another pattern.

Its a great show... shes also has the show Design Inc. She works with a separate client each time and I always am inspired. Plus she and here design side-kick Tommy are hilarious.

I love this!
 (from the website below)
If you ha vent seen any of here work... you must! Right away! Here is a link to a house she renovated.... on a $300,000 budget...yikes. I wonder if she is hiring?

The Farmhouse she did is also amazing. You can go to the website to see pictures and watch videos.

Can you tell I love her?

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